Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Things That Don't Annoy Me

I have kind of refrained from blogging for the past few days for a couple of reasons:

  1. I have been lazy and have been watching a lot of TV. Also, I bought some books over the weekend so I have been reading a lot too.

  2. I havent had anything much positive to say. I have found myself irritated beyond belief by small things.

That second one got me thinking though. I mean, I have been kind of hard on myself about being negative and being irritated by so many things. But then it occurred to me that while more than the usual number of things are bugging me at the moment (a condition I have decided is due to a lack of sunlight and the prospect of being at the threshold of a long dreary winter), there are many more things that are NOT bugging me. For every one thing that is going wrong there are many more things that are going right. So...I will make a short list of four or five things that are going right.

  • The powers-that-be pulled up that stupid unused railroad crossing on Michigan Ave at Lincoln St.. Even though that happened a few weeks ago, I am still swerving my car to avoid the potholes that were always there and have always been there for the entire six years I have lived on this side of town (except of course, for the day or two after the road crews would patch them up). I will say this though, every time I swerve and then realize that there is solid concrete under my car instead of an old falling apart railroad crossing with perpetual potholes, I get a little giddy with happiness.

  • I am finding that I have plenty to do and plenty of people to do things with. I am not bored or lonely.

  • I have already done some of my Christmas shopping and the rest is going to be easy easy EASY. You see, I decided to make a commitment to spending as much of my Christmas budget at stores located in the City of Ypsilanti as possible. I don’t know why I didnt think of this before. This means, no going to the mall (which I hate) and no driving long distances only to wait in long lines at some impersonal chain store. Fa la la la la la, no more Christmas bull shit for me. No siree, it is going to be unusual and unique gifts from hip local establishments where I don’t have to worry about parking or long lines. (Although I wouldnt mind the long lines at those places)

  • I like my hair most days.

  • I got a fun post card from a couple of friends who are staying in the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City.

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