Thursday, June 03, 2004

Just an old truck

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Anonymous said...

hi dear
i was going over proshat's blog(i am her blog mate in a persian blog)and i saw your comment on those ancient persapolis pictures she posted.i had been there persoanlly since they are close to my home town.just wanted to say that when ever you'd want to visit you are always welcome,american people are being treated nicely over there. i live in U.S right now,in CA. i see your media is pretty scares people from even thinking about the mid-east.its not true though.we have nothing but love for your people,it is the foriegn policies of the W.H we oppose and if they listen to us we have pretty good reasons.ok.i talked too was nice meeting u,i dont have a blog here,if you wanted to reply leave it with proshat,she will tell,
take care