Sunday, June 13, 2004

Father and Daughter

This is one that I like a lot. But I wish I had a good graphics program so I could change it. I love that no one's faces are showing so the photograph is kind of annonymous. I like the beer on the table and I like how the line from the sunlight on the table and the edge of the table itself create lines that draw a person's eye to it. What I dont like about this photo though is the background. I think it is too busy. I would like to try to darken it up without changing what is in the foreground. Hmmm.

I think I might need a new computer if I want to get decent photo manipulation software and since I am going to Hawaii next winter, I guess that will have to wait. Oh well, this photo isnt going anywhere. I can always fix it later. Or not. :)

1 comment:

verabear said...

i love this picture lynne. it's very nice as it is