Wednesday, March 04, 2009

But What About the Hookers???


This weekend, I was hanging out with my sister bitching about this whole shovel mess in Ypsilanti. My sister reminded me of a story that she feels captures the essence of Ypsilanti...

A while back, I went to a neighborhood association meeting where representatives from the Police Dept were available to listen to citizen's concerns. For TWO hours, it was nothing but bitching about barking dogs, uncut grass, and people speeding on Prospect. Finally, after everyone was finished with that, one man stood up and asked, "But what about the hookers? Is anyone going to do anything about the hookers"

That made me laugh for days. And it has helped me put this issue into perspective a little bit. I want a walkable city as much as the next person and obviously I think it is important that the city government be accountable to Ypsilanti citizens. But our city has problems that are way worse than snow on sidewalks. Just sayin.


Teaspout said...

Lynne, I've never seen the two women in your picture out front . . . In fact, have to wonder if we maybe should do something to attract better quality hookers to pass in front of our homes. Maybe a "Hooker Friendly" sign? Free KFC to hookers who take the time to dress for the occasion?

Lynne said...

Yes, sadly those hookers in the photo arent Ypsilanti hookers. It is a photo I found on photobucket. An unfortunate result of the cracking down on the local hookers and resulted in hookers who no longer wear the easily recognizable hooker uniform which as I have discovered on more than one occasion can lead to situations of misidentity. Like that one time I saw a woman standing at the bus stop at 10p and I stopped to kindly tell her that the bus had stopped running for the evening.