Saturday, July 19, 2008

Art Fair

I havent had any trouble working downtown during this art fair. I have a
parking pass so even though I had to drive downtown Wednesday and
Thursday due to after work plans, I had no problems with parking.
Traffic was actually easier in the morning, I suspect because a lot of
people who usually drive downtown werent. Afternoon traffic has been
crappy causing me to try to remember all my old "back ways" but I
surprisingly did manage to drive all the way from downtown to Trader
Joe's yesterday on side streets. Today it was even easier as I took the
bus to work. My office is on Washington so, with the exception of one
loud kid with a lemonade stand, there hasnt been any noise.

My favorite things so far:

1. There is a booth with interesting stone sculpture on Main Street in
front of National City. They are way out of my price range of course but
if I had the bucks, I might consider buying one of those.

2. I have a friend who is a photographer and also is REALLY into crafts.
She isnt part of any of the official juried art fairs but knows the
people who own the building where A Vault of Midnight is located so she
has some arrangement to set up outside their store. She has a lot of
photos on magnets so I bought one of those. She also has some pretty
cool bowls she makes by melting vinyl records and notebooks with covers
made from the record covers.

3. I always end up checking out that King's Chosen area or whatever it
is called. There was one woman with silly drawings of pub signs with
dogs that probably are the artistic equivalent of those dogs playing
poker posters but I really liked them. Since I now own a pure bred dog,
there was one picture with a yellow lab that I liked.

4. In the same area there was a booth with what looked like wind chimes
made out of melted and smooshed liquor bottles. I thought those looked

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