Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hybrid Buses

Since Daylight Saving time ended, I've been getting up earlier which is saving me money again. I get a free bus pass from work so every day that I can get up in time, I save the cost of parking downtown and the cost of gasoline to drive downtown and the wear and tear on my car. It is an amount that I figure to be around $50/week.

I took the bus this morning and had the good fortune to ride one of those new hybrid buses. They are especially ugly buses but much nicer for riding in. They are quiet and less stinky. Well less stinky as in there seem to be less engine fumes but never fear, they may sport the odor of alcholic - cigarette addicted - non bathers. I sometimes wish we could go the way of SF and have all electric buses or even streetcars! Oh well, the hybrid buses are a move in the right direction and are a pleasure to ride. Ok, maybe not *pleasure* to ride but definitely an improvement.


Anonymous said...

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Shannon Williams said...

Here they are Autocars and they stink like exhaust and perfume sometimes. They always make the children feel ill, but they get us to the train station or ville that we are headed for. Sometimes we get a cool driver who plays the music loudly enough for us to hear which makes the ride more bearable. Also helps to be on it with people you know and going somewhere for fun. Ooooh yeah, the magic (Packard) bus was my favorite!

Sandy D. said...

Was it quieter? I don't think they look any uglier on the outside, at least.

The smell of exhaust in the downtown bus station is not one that I miss.

Lynne said...

Shannon, hey if you get where you are going, I guess that is all that matters.

Sandy, indeed, the hybrid buses are much more quiet than the regular ones.