Monday, October 17, 2005

Lost and Babies

I dont have anything terribly interesting to blog about it seems. I didnt blog all weekend because I spend most of Saturday visiting people and then all of Sunday watching LOST on DVD. So now I know that my friend Aviva's new daughter sleeps in a position that is pretty much the same one football referees make when there is a touchdown which is an especially cute position for a baby to sleep in (and I forgot my camera!). I could go on and on about the new baby but I am not sure how to do that in a way that is interesting blogging. I dont generally consider babies to be interesting which is why Aviva thought I should adopt a seven or eight year old. She said that is "the golden age" where kids are young enough to be nice and old enough to not require too much energy to look after. Apparently "the golden age" lasts until they are teenagers. :)

I also know that I have another TV show to be addicted to and when I say addicted, I mean ADDICTED. I almost dont want to admit this but I watched 8 episodes of Lost on Sunday. That is pretty much all I did. Luckily the dogs were very tired from spending Saturday at the lake. And now, today, I still have eight episodes left to watch but the disks wont arrive from NETFLIX until tomorrow and I am seriously fiending. I keep saying to myself, "Hello? This is a TV SHOW! You can wait a day." But I keep wanting to chat up certain co-workers who have watched season one just so I can find out what happened.

And sadly, I bet I'll watch all eight episodes tomorrow. I think I will have to spend my evening doing chores so I wont have anything to do tomorrow night. And I will probably start watching season 2 which kind of makes me mad. I have fallen for ABC's plot to release season one on DVD in order to lure new viewers for season 2. GAH!


Anonymous said...

I can get obsessive with stuff like that too. I did that with Alias, and I *still* have 2 more discs to go and then I will be entirely caught up. I was 3 seasons behind.

Even thought Lost was before Alias, I never got into it. It must be pretty good eh? ;)


Anonymous said...

not since sex and the city have i been that obsessed with a show. it was a sad day when that show ended!

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing with the Lost dvds. I couldn't stop watching it! Now I'm watching season 2 and I hate having to wait a week for the next episode.