Sunday, November 14, 2004



Anonymous said...

Wow.. holy crap.. i love the colors in this photo! The dog looking @ the wine glass. But more than the dog, I like what's photographed here: The wood, especially. The aged color and texture of the wood of the bench. The light coming from the side, somewhat. The table foreground, the fence behind. Among my favorite things in the world is wood in autumn light. (And dogs, and a cushiony bench to sit on, outside, in such an autumnal wood environment, with a glass of wine.) These are the subject of your photograph, not the dog. In my eyes. It's the environment, the ambience, you've photographed here; the dog is just part of it.

"The wood gives off the odor of age and of vanished human destinies." -- Robert Walser (1913), from one of my all-time favorite short stories, "Kleist In Thun."

--f'cali ;-)

Anonymous said...

After a second look: My god! What a briliant photo. Colors so deep and rich. And the elements in the frame so perfectly placed. Of photos extant in this world, this one well describes the heart of me.

- - F'cali again.