Sunday, July 11, 2004

Another Self Portrait

Cos I am a narcissist. That and I am my most willing subject. :)

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Anonymous said...

Now you're developing an "eye"! Angles are so cool to play with (really, we see things from so many different angles; I think too many people "see fotos" ('ooh, neat shot!') only when their eyes are directly face-on to something, their bodies parallel to it, and the subject aligned horiz & vertically (what am I getting at there.. that we don't see photos unless our eyes are at the stereotypical "snapshot" stance in front of something). But in fact, we SEE things all the time when a subject isn't framed in the snapshot perfection -- we have to realize these fotos when we're at weird angles.) Did all that make sense?? Anyway, cool angle (it's the angle someone uhm... "close to you" ... would see. Not many get intimate looks at people in this way. That's cool to offer that to the public.

In this shot, the film plane (think of a frame of 35mm film inside the camera) is turned two ways, relative to the scene: 1) the top of the frame is tilted forward toward the ground (an x-axis shift -- or is that the y-axis?), and 2) it's tilted off the horizontal (the sides of the frame at an angle to what would be "normal" ---- ugh, I'm just trying to be clever with words here.. I think I may be fulla bullshit at this point, but do you see where I'm going?? ---- off the y-axis. The camera tilted both forward and one side up off the horizontal.

Crimeny! I'm not even sure these are correct.. I don't see the pic in front of me as I type..

Well! That was a fun exercise in hot air. Thank you for coming. Good night!

- - Fotocali (that's also my comment on the Airport Abstract foto).