Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Insomnia, Google, and Fire

  • Insomnia:I always have trouble sleeping this time of year. It is frustrating too because it really seems to eat up a bunch of my time. I mean, I either lie awake in bed or sit in my chair in the living room, too exhausted even to watch a movie. Then I end up being very unproductive on my day off. bleh. Well, at least I have the day off today. I think I would be really miserable if I had to try to go into work after not getting any sleep last night.
  • Google: I am wondering if I should regret being so open on my blogs with my real name and whatnot. I keep reading articles about people who get fired for blogging or who find that they cant get interviews because of what they say on their blogs. It is a tough call. I mean, the truth is that there are a lot of things I dont say online here because I know it is so public. All anyone has to do to find my blog is to google my name. And people do it too at least according to my web stats. It is a weird feeling too knowing that people find this place by googling my name without me knowing who they are. Are they old friends I dont keep in touch with anymore (in which case, Howdy old friends), or what? If I start applying for jobs in earnest, will this blog be a big hindrance to me? I hope not because it is something I certainly enjoy doing.
  • Fire: I heard on the news today that Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona is on fire and that kind of bums me out because it is my favorite part of Arizona. I liked it even better than the Grand Canyon. I had a couple of good days in that neck of the woods one July when my friend Debbie and I visited there. I remember that I kept wanting to drive through it. We even found a place where we could go swimming in Oak Creek. I guess Oak Creek is one of those places that stores some especially good memories for me and now it is on fire. What a bummer.


Sandy D. said...

Have you tried melatonin or valerian for the insomnia? Either one is good for me when I wake up from 2-4am.

I've been going back and forth about the real name on the blog thing. In some respects, I think it gives you more credibilty. On the other hand I don't want some deranged author (like Darla Shine) stalking me in real life. People are weird. Even weirder than they may appear online.

E-Speed said...

I wonder about the real name on the blog thing too. I kind of wish I had made up a code name or something instead of using my real name. For some of the same reasons you mentioned and also for a bit more anonymity.