Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Slice of Life

I woke up late this morning and had to hurry getting ready for work. Actually, I woke up at my normal time but because there is a lot of construction going on right now, I have to leave for work a good 15 minutes earlier than usual to assure I make it to work on time. I am so not a morning person. I left for work five minutes after I should have but managed to have one of those rare commutes where I managed to catch every light and not get behind any slow people until I was nearly to work.

I got behind a slow person but when I went to pass them on the right, the jerk in the Durango behind me saw me put on my signal so they swerved into the other lane and sped up so I couldn’t get over. That was annoying but since the Dodge Durango is like one step below a Hummer it is hardly surprising that the driver was an asshole. Not that I should talk. I drive a VW Jetta which according to Car Talk is the number one car of bad drivers in that their listeners say that most times when they see someone who is a bad driver, they are driving a Jetta. Still, I didn’t put on my turn signal to tell the other driver that they should hurry up and get into the other lane so I couldn’t get over. I am beginning to understand why in so many places, people are reluctant to use their turn signals.

Yet, even though the Durango got in front of me, I still managed to get to work on time. I don’t have much to say about work at the moment even though I spend the majority of my time here. I guess I feel like most people feel about work. It isn’t thrilling me. I feel underappreciated and underpaid and trapped by my own reluctance to find another job. I guess it is the usual midlife crisis thing. This could be just a paycheck but it exhausts me so much that I don’t often end up doing much after work. I don’t know what else I would like to do though other than to not have to work at all which isn’t a very realistic goal. I did end up having a good conversation with a former co-worker who suggested that I get a job that involves more physical activity. I might be just as tired or even more tired when I get home but it would be a different kind of tired. I think I know what he means. It would be the kind of tired I get after hiking in the woods for miles or after I spend a day at the lake swimming. A good tired rather than the mental and physical blah tired. It is a thought.

So…I will go home in a couple of hours. I will stop on my way home and I will buy a lotto ticket because I love lotto tickets. I know it is throwing money away but it is just a buck and I get so much entertainment from it. I will also fill up my gas tank and I will try very hard not to have too much sticker shock at the total which I expect will be in the neighborhood of $30-$35 bucks. Then I will read some and watch some TV. Maybe I will call a friend. I know I will worry about the state of the world but generally will feel insulated in my house. I love my house and when I am inside, I feel very safe. No wingnuts in there!

And that is pretty much a slice of my life.

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