Thursday, April 06, 2006

An Interesting Development in Local Politics

There are lots of cool things going on here in Ypsilanti. I am not being much of a participant as an observer but it is neat to know what is going on. First, there is the whole Keep Ypsi Rolling thing being led by Ypsidixit. I have been pleasantly surprised to see that she really is making a difference with her efforts. Then there is the fact that someone actually got up at a city counsil meeting and spoke in favor of urban chickens, an idea I think would be great for the city even though I dont think I'll be getting any of my own.

And now, finally, I heard a rumor that another one of Ypsilanti's more famous bloggers is running for city council. Ok, not so much a rumor as the blogger standing on my front porch with a petition. All I can say is that I hope he wins. I not only signed that darn petition but I will promise right here that I can probably be persuaded to help the campaign both with volunteer time but also financially. I wont name the blogger just yet because I dont want to scoop anyone else's blog but if you are a regular reader of local Ypsi blogs, you will most likely know soon enough (if you dont already since as I mentioned this blogger is going to door to door and catching people eating ben and jerry's peace pops in their nightgowns)

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