Friday, March 10, 2006


As some of you may know, my slynne at email broke last August. After reading a lot of badly written web support documents. I tried to contact the technical support of the company that handles that for me. They do not have a phone number and all technical support is handled by email. My experience trying to fix my email certainly made me appreciate the job I do because the technical support I and everyone else on our service desk provide is about a million times superior to what I was getting about my email. We are jerks *in person* and yes there is a difference. My support experience generally went like this:

  1. Write an email explaining the issue.
  2. Get back an automated response that listed all the information that I needed to send them. (I didnt realize it was an automated response until I kept getting the same one)
  3. send them back an email with all the requested information.
  4. wait
  5. wait
  6. send another email asking for an update
  7. wait
  8. Receive an automated email that said "Please rate our technical support" with a link to a survey site. I admit that the first few times, I did enjoy giving them terrible scores but after a while even that got old.
  9. Finally give up.

I have to admit that I didnt spend much time trying to fix it. I fix stuff like that all day and by the time I would get home, I just didnt want to deal with it. I know it annoyed a lot of people (judging from the "will you PLEASE fix your darn email" comments I got). Anyhow, I figured I would give it one more try today. And Ta-Da I fixed it! And just in time too. Within one hour of fixing my email, I received an email from an old friend I havent heard from in years. Had I fixed this tomorrow, that email would have bounced. cool huh?

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