Monday, February 06, 2006

How I Missed the Super Bowl

I have to admit it. The biggest event this area has seen in forever occurs 35 miles from my house and I stay home and don’t even watch it on TV (except for the half time show). I hurt my knee last week and it snowed and I am a lazy bum. So I declined all my invitations for Super Bowl Festivities and I abandoned my original plan to head into Detroit just to see the streets all cleaned up with tourists on them which is something I have NEVER seen.

It is something so unusual that last year when Kate and I went to Detroit to take pictures, we were gawked at a lot by everyone and given helpful advice at nearly every corner that generally amounted to “Two white girls with expensive cameras should be a little more careful even in the daylight” But, I cant say that I felt it necessary to heed that advice since so many people were giving it and since the streets were full of people on a week day. I figured that the people of Detroit are mostly good and sometimes believe the stereotypes about their city in the same way that fat people often hate other fat people.

So I missed seeing tourists on the street in Detroit.

But I finally got to see Topper with Cary Grant which I have been meaning to see since forever and happened to be on AMC.

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