Monday, January 16, 2006


I havent really had a lot to write about lately. I spent Saturday playing a new video game I bought that is kind of a virtual train set. It is called 'Locomotion' and is kind of an older game so I got it cheap used. It is very fun though and I honestly spent almost 20 hours playing it. I actually got a cramp in a couple of my fingers! Every now and then it is good to lose oneself in such things though. By Sunday I was feeling pretty relaxed.

So, instead of blogging or playing on the computer, I decided to clean my house. I moved furniture and found all kinds of things under the couch. It was pretty amazing really. I found the tag that had fallen off Crissy's collar the week before she died. When I noticed it missing, I figured that I wouldnt bother replacing it because she simply wasnt going to run away at that point. It was nice to find it though because it will be something I have to remember her if I would need something, but it is still nice to have it.

I had a Grex board meeting tonight at my house and that went well although like most meetings that run over an hour, I thought it was too long. But, then, I guess the point of such meetings is to discuss things. And we did cover a lot of topics so I would say it was productive.

Cookie was well behaved. She always is around people. She likes *everyone* and is nice and sweet. Brooke on the other hand, has a thing where she sometimes just doesnt like certain people or is afraid of them so she did her share of barking and growling which isnt behavior I can tolerate in a dog. I had to keep giving her time outs in the kitchen. It is my own fault of course because I dont have enough visitors here at my house and usually when someone does come over, it is someone she knows. Oh well, perhaps I should start having more folks over.

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islandarts said...

My dog isn't a big fan of having new people over and sometimes it takes several visits before she comfortable. She'll growl and bark at any sound for a full day after they've left!! It's so annoying.