Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have some kind of sickness. The timing is awful as I have a couple of big tests on Thursday. I am not sure I will be well by then. There are no makeups. So sick or not, I have to go. I always hate policies like that because I generally dont think people should be encouraged to go out in public when they sick. Anyways, I have had a severe cough and a fever that ranges between 100-102.

But I gotta admit that when I heard about all that business at Virginia Tech yesterday, it helped me put my misery into perspective. I am uncomfortable and will have to use some of my precious vacation time to pay for not going to work. But I am safe and all of my loved ones are safe too.

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Proshat said...

I heard about the news while I was driving to school. I had to pull over & breathe for a few moments before I get my nerve back. I have known some students over there, one of my elementry school friends included. I did not even give it a thought before calling her & when I did I actually woke her up due to time difference! She said she was fine but everybody had been very scared. Her husband had asked her to take soem rest before going back to school. That was awful