Sunday, October 03, 2004

Hudson Dealership

This is my photo of Ypsilanti's Hudson Dealership. It is also a pretty neat car museum if you are into cars. I walk by this place often when I am on walks with the doggers. This is also pretty much the view I see from the patio at Sidetrack if I happen to be sitting out there.


Chicalookate said...

That is a fun picture... love the colors. And I know where it is. :)

proshat said...

dear Lynn;
first of all I always love your photos here...
second of all I can not open your other blog's page. :(
by the way thank you for your nice comment on my blog. It is a great comfort knowing that there are still people who care for real peace. I must admit that I am a bit touchy when it comes to politics & forign affairs... really tnx for your comment. it means a lot to me & other Iranians.